This 32-video course will teach you powerful tools for performing complex rhythms and polyrhythmic cycles, especially those found in Western contemporary classical music, Indian classical music, and jazz.  

Concepts from the Karnatic rhythm theory of South India are generalized to illustrate rhythmic techniques that can be applied to any style of music and any instrument.  Rhythms are learned using vocal syllables called Solkattu

Learn a college semester's worth of material from home.  By the end of the course you will be able to perform complex phrases in odd divisions, polyrhythmic cycles up to 9:8, phrases in polyrhythmic frames, and more. You will acquire an exciting collection of raw material for composition and improvisation, as well as new techniques for interpreting scores with rhythmic complexities.

Wheels within Wheels has sold in 50 countries and is currently used at Arizona State University, McGill University (Montreal), and the Conservatory of Music at the University of Cincinnati. It contains:

- A series of progressively complex exercises

- Step-by-step explanations on how to perform polyrhythmic cycles

- Raw material for improvisation and composition

- A method for using Solkattu vocal syllables 

- Patterns from pieces by Ligeti, Sorabji, and others

- Dialogues on the nature of time and space

- Three original open score compositions exploring the material 

- 115 pages / 8.5 x 11 in / spiral bound / version 2.0 released August 2016

*Unfortunately, I am unable to ship print books to Australia due to the high cost of shipping ($75).

*Please allow up to a few hours to receive a confirmation email  after purchase, especially during the Arizona nighttime hours.

Jacob Adler is a composer, performer, and teacher in Phoenix, Arizona. He teaches advanced rhythm and tuning theory at Arizona State University and Paradise Valley Community College. Jacob performs on the piano, organ, laptop, accordion, tanpura, and tsimbl in collaboration with musicians around the globe. He has performed his music at the Issue Project Room in New York, Gaudeamus Muziekweek in Amsterdam, Musica Moderna festival in Łódź, Göteborg Organ Academy in Sweden, and other festivals in Europe and the US. 

His music can be heard at


“Every percussion/theory curriculum should use this book." 

- Dr. Doug Nottingham, percussionist, faculty at GCC, co-founder of Crossing 32nd St Ensemble

“Wheels Within Wheels was a game changer for my group of friends and I, and Jacob's a seriously inspiring musician and person.” 

- Alec Goldfarb, composer, guitarist, and writer

“Yo this course changed my whole concept of rhythm! Check this out people and change your life!” 

- Garrison Jones, keyboardist for House of Stairs

“This class and Jacob Adler changed my whole perspective on rhythm. I’ll be forever grateful for the tools he gave me."  

- Stephen Avalos, percussionist for House of Stairs